Dry but never dull

Published: Thursday 28th of May 2020

The detail and beauty of dried flora can be magical. And they’re forever.

While proteas and fynbos lend themselves to being dried, these orange roses too look superb in the mix, even if they are 10 months old!

By removing the outer bracts of some proteas once they have turned brown, a whole new look and colour is revealed. Here they are combined with the earthy maroons of dried hydrangeas and Blush cone bush, and the gorgeous rust of dried bracken.

We were so pleased the street-sweepers did not sweep away the Autumn leaves during lockdown! Here we’ve combined them with other dried products producing a wonderous mix of warm Autumn hues.

In these bouquets we used only dried products. Eucalyptus Populus takes a very long time to lose it’s green-grey colour as long as it is kept out of direct sun – perfect for a long-lasting gift.

Dried Kings put in a wicker basket or combined with a vine stump for a sculptural arrangement - perfect décor additions to a room of neutral, earthy tones.