Long live the King

Published: Thursday 6th of June 2019

The King protea or Protea cynaroides is one of the most popular wedding flowers – particularly for wedding bouquets. However it does cause some confusion as there are so many different selections of Kings commercially available. Flowering times vary considerably depending on the different selection as well as on weather, drought and veld fires.

In May the normal light pink Kings are usually available. They can be fairly variable in size and colour. Their flowering time extends to December/January.

Also available at this time is Ayoba Arctic Ice, the white King. It is gorgeous and fairly limited in its production. It generally flowers until about November

Madiba, the dark pink King with pointed bracts is usually available from July/Aug until November. Clare which is a smaller version of Madiba is available mid Aug until end November.

Satin King is a lovely creamy colour with a blush of pink. It usually flowers from about June until end Nov. King Grande has a huge flowerhead and is light pink in colour. Its flowering time is similar to Satin King.