The quintessential South African bouquet

Published: Monday 4th of September 2017

Your wedding bouquet is surely the most important decor feature of the wedding ceremony. Not only does it reflect the bride’s personality, but it sets the look and feel of the wedding decor. It’s your stand-out accessory (after the groom of course!) while you say your vows in front of those you love.

If you love weddings and spend any time on Pinterest at all, you will notice that Protea-inspired bouquets are all the rage. And rightfully so. Fynbos is absolutely gorgeous, versatile and resilient - no bruising of petals here! The hardy flowers also dry really well, allowing your bouquet to remain intact years after your ceremony.

Whether you are going for a purist fynbos look or a mix of roses, gypsophila and other garden flowers, Proteas and fynbos can be used to create the most stunning bouquets. Proteas in particular are a favourite because they provide the focal point around which the rest of the ensemble can be arranged.

Proteas, such as the King, the vibrant Protea Venus or Sylvia, the soft Protea Susara or even the happy orange Pincushion, make a statement like few other flowers can. And of course the King Protea - either the pink or the white - is so special and dramatic that it can easily be used on it’s own as a gorgeous, stand-alone bouquet. Kings always look absolutely fabulous no matter what you do with them.

The Protea flower is said to represent transformation, courage and hope. How wonderfully apt for the union of hearts and families that is a wedding!