What to expect when you work with Fabulous Fynbos

Published: Thursday 16th of March 2017

Planning a wedding is no small task. Between the budgets and family politics, you’ve got a lot on your plate already so we thought we’d share what to expect when working with Fabulous Fynbos. Here’s our process from start to finish in six easy steps. We wish we could do the same for seating arrangements but our super powers are limited to the floral kind!

1. Working out the kinks

Our first meeting is all about taking your fabulous Pinterest board, venue and budget into account to start planning something beautiful. Feel free to bring your mom, partner or babe of honour along!

2. Compiling your quote

After we’ve discussed ideas, colours, product preferences, and your we’ll start to compile a quote. It’s usually fairly detailed (which also means it can be easily changed) just to be sure that the bridal party and Fabulous Fynbos are on the same track.

3. Ordering the produce

Once you’ve signed off the quote, we order the products from our suppliers. This is always rather stressful as mother nature really does have her own schedule. Proteas may only start flowering during the week of your wedding or stop (heaven forbid!). So a Plan B is always essential.... (don’t worry, breathe deeply we will always have your back).

4. Storage

Once your order has been confirmed your beautiful flowers are transported to our premises where they are stored in huge coldrooms. We share the cold room facility with our parent company, Cape Mountain Flora who are big exporters of proteas and fynbos .

5. The day before

The day before the wedding the Fabulous Fynbos team make up the bridal and bridemaids bouquets and boutonnieres, pew posies, flowergirls’ garlands and any other decor items than can be made ahead of time

We also spend some time packing the flowers and greens into boxes based on your overall wedding decor. This means that when we get to the venue there’s less faff and we’re all ready to set up.

6. On the big day

On your wedding day there will always be a moment where you wish you had a little more time. So we do as much as we can to look after ourselves and stay out of the way to help make sure your big day runs smoothly.

Once all the floral decor is done, we pack up and leave the venue to the beautiful couple, their friends and family to enjoy their special day - This bit is our favourite!