Wedding bouquet bliss

Published: Friday 16th of September 2016

Nancy's bouquet

As your best friend walks down the aisle you notice the joy in her face, the delicate lace detail on her dress and the beautiful bouquet of flowers in her hands. Her wedding bouquet is a sneak peek of the day ahead; an elegant, yet soft ceremony that rang true to the bride and groom.

The wedding bouquet is a central part to any wedding ceremony, as well as your exquisite photos that will let you relive your special day every time you look at them. Proteas and fynbos in bridal and bridesmaids bouquets never fail to provide colour, texture and beauty - all whilst being locally grown and budget friendly. Their colour palette versatility allow them to compliment almost any look or colour scheme, and are the perfect way to express the personality of the bride.

A rustic and more natural wedding bouquet is often made from King Protea, some simple fynbos fillers and greenery. This creates a ceremony focal point that is filled with lovely pinks, greys and greens.

A King Protea bouquet
Bring your flowers to life with a detailed sketch

Having said that, Proteas and fynbos can also provide gorgeous splashes of colour adding a more dramatic feel to your special day. If you want to build on these more rustic options you can always add sprigs of garden flowers such as Lavender , Roses or Inca lilies.

A bouquet to compliment a delicate colour scheme
Let your bouquet create a pop of colour against your dress
For a more rustic feel add Lavender or Roses

If you find yourself wanting something completely different, opt for a wedding bouquet that has a wooden Protea is its central flower. Dried Proteas also add a distinct feel to your bridal bouquet. Complete the bouquet with simple fynbos that carry hints of light pinks and greys. Including dried proteas also means that even if King Proteas aren’t flowering during the month of the wedding you can still have them in your wedding bouquet!

 We’d love to chat to you to hear about your wedding bouquet ideas and help you sketch something up, so feel free to contact us!

Make a subtle statement with a wooden flower
Create fairytale magic with dried fynbos